How do I tag/mention other users in my videos

You can tag other users into comments and captions of your post by putting an "@" before their user name!

Does Plug cost money to use?

Plug is 100% free to user for both athletes and fan accounts. Plug charges a monthly subscription for recruiters who want to use Plug's RMS (Recruiting Management System).

How do I cancel my subscription?

Plug makes it super simple to cancel monthly subscriptions. Currently, you can cancel your monthly subscription with your stripe account or by contacting us at team@plugsports.io.

What features do I get when I upgrade?

We are continously adding new features and improvements to our subscription packages. Currently, when you upgrade you will get unlimited access to NCAA protections, Watchlist, Advanced Search Filters, and Player Cards.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, currently Plug users must be 13 years or older.

Can I delete my direct messages?

No, Plug does not have the ability to delete private messages currently. We are always improving features and functionality. If this is something you would like to see, reach out to us at team@plugsports.io

Is there a desktop version of the app?

Not yet, but stay tuned!

Is the app secure?

Our users privacy and security are our top priority. We have put user security at the highest priority when building our app. The data that we ask our users to input are the data points that NCAA requires athletes to fill out in order to be elligible for recruitment. We ask for this data to make it easier for Athletes, so that in future versions of the app athletes will already be elligible for recruitment when they sign up for a Plug account.

Is Plug NCAA approved?

Yes! We have been approved as a recruiting platform with NCAA since 2020. This means, any university can use and pay for Plug's services without breaking any NCAA compliance rules.

Can I have multiple accounts on Plug?

Your email address can only be associated with one Plug account. You could create multiple accounts, but they would have to be associated with different email addresses. Coming soon, Plug will enable multisport athletes. So if you are creating multiple accounts for different sports you play, hang tight!

Can my parents help me run my account?

That's up to you! Currently, Plug Sports does not have the abillity to add another user to an account. However, you can invite your friends and family to watch your profile and brand grow, with a "fan" account on Plug.

What if I play multiple sports?

Currently, Plug only allows athletes to sign up under 1 sport. Coming soon, athletes will be able to add another sport to their profile.